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Arch of Temple Ceres
Arch of Temple Ceres
Arch of Temple Ceres

Arch of Temple Ceres

$1,195.00 USD

Artist Information:

While abroad in Cortona, Italy, in the summer of 1980, the following statement inspired Patricia Bengston Jones to begin her journey in the arts:

"All experience is an arch, to build upon. All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untraveled world." - Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1842.

For decades, the Berkeley, California, artist has been exploring stone, bronze, steel and glass as a way to deepen her connection with the “world/universe/cosmos” and teaches sculpture at her Second Street studio in Berkeley where she resides as well. Her works have been shown in dozens of venues across California including the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara and her outdoor installations were shown at the Paradise Ridge Winery Sculpture Grove in Santa Rosa, the Orinda Community Center and Library, and the Hatley Martin Art Gallery in San Francisco.

Product Information:

Dimension: 8" W x 8" L x 8" H

Material: Bronze 

Part of a series made by Patricia Bengston Jones