'In the Spirit of' Collection


In the Spirit of Napa Valley: This book surveys the great culinary and architecture establishments that are unique to wine country landscapes. Featuring Thomas Keller, exclusive restaurants, local farmers' markets, and wine pioneers; this book offers an inclusive guide to local hotels, wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants, entertainment, and sightseeing. 

In the Spirit of Beverly Hills: Beverly Hills is the embodiment of luxurious mansions, legendary haunts, and high-end fashion. With this book, come discover the Hollywood mystique, wealth, and beauty. 

In the Spirit of Seville: Spain's city of Seville is truly unforgettable. Through its extraordinary sights, delicious foods and sensual music, this book will transport you to the city itself. 

 In the Spirit of St. Barths: Known to be the elegant and chic Caribbean island, St. Barth offers extraordinary villas and beaches as well as restaurants, bars, and nightclubs not to miss. 

In the Spirit of the Hamptons: Famous for society's elite to come to this small strip of land on the South Fork of Long Island, Hamptons offers sunny beaches, glamorous parties as well as legendary estates full of stories. 


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