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Large patterned black Ugandan lid
Large patterned black Ugandan lid
Large patterned black Ugandan lid

Large Patterned Black Ugandan Lid

$105.00 USD $118.00 USD

  • This papyrus lid was handcrafted by Nubian villagers in Uganda. The women who made them, are refugees who sought asylum in Uganda after they were displaced from their surrounding homelands in Sudan or Egypt because of conflict and war. These Ugandan weavers have created these beautiful lids that have a natural look and feel with a local and traditional style. Meaningfully and purposefully designed.

    Artist Information

    KAZI has been profoundly shaped by the passion and creativity of artisans supporting their communities across Africa with incredible craftsmanship. KAZI is about taking in your love for the world every day and sharing in the delight of connecting with African artisans. The contemporary handcrafted goods known when to be loud and when to be subtle, making a statement with originality and genuine craftsmanship every time.

    Product Information

    Dimensions: 15" D x 9" H

    Material: Papyrus colored with organic dyes

    Handwoven in Uganda


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    *All products are made by hand with love and vary slightly in color and size.

    Made only in an ethical, fair trade environment. Handwoven by a cooperative of women located in Uganda, this one of kind piece takes weeks to complete.

    Care Information

    If necessary, use damp cloth to wipe the woven material clean. Do not submerge or wash with water.