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Petri Vase - Turquoise
Petri Vase - Turquoise
Petri Vase - Turquoise

Petri Vase - Turquoise

$325.00 USD

Delicate, and softly-colored vase, with resin drips around the openings. Exceedingly beautiful empty or with flowers. 

Artist Information:

An avid inquisitor of our ultimate source for inspiration — Mother Earth — Elyse Graham has found her design niche in reinterpreting the way we appreciate nature’s elements. Her pieces are individually handmade in her studio, resulting in one-of-a-kind works of art that are each special and exclusive for her clients. Graham is mastering a new form in developing decorative vases, geodes, small-scale jewelry and accessories, with the intent of leading to larger tabletop pieces and furniture.

Product Information:

Dimensions: 5" D x 5" H 

Material: Resin, dyed plaster and acrylic coating

Made in Los Angeles

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