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untitled number 3 by irving b haynes
untitled number 3 by irving b haynes
untitled, 1983 by irving b haynes
untitled number 3 by irving b haynes untitled, 1983 by irving b haynes

Untitled 3

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  • Painted in circa 1983 by Irving Haynes.

    Dimensions: 22.5" H x 30" W

    Material: Framed in white wood

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    Artist Information

    Irving Haynes was an American painter, a former professor of Foundation Studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, a veteran, architect, talented athlete, photographer, and a fabulous jazz pianist.

    Before his death in August 2005, Haynes' last works constituted of grids of interlocking geometric shapes, painted in a rainbow-shower of colors. 
    Haynes loved light, textures, shapes and lines and studied them throughout his life and had an indescribable love for colors. He admired other painters idealistic search for precision, and loved artists such as French post-impressionist Paul Cezanne. Irving Haynes experimented with a number of techniques to evoke the spatial richness of modernist abstract paintings. His early 1960s-1970s works allude broadly to abstract expressionist handling or landscape formats featuring loosely handled arcs or organic shaped areas of color.

    In an artist statement, Haynes wrote "a painting then, is a visual language which mediates between our experience in the real world (nature) and the synthetic world of two-dimensional illusion…(That) a painting is able to express and convey powerful emotions and thoughts remains a source of wonder to me, for which I shall be forever grateful."