Winston Churchill Set


The widely praised Last Lion trilogy by William Manchester and Paul Reid takes readers on a riveting journey through the life of Britain’s great wartime leader, Winston Churchill. Little, Brown has published the books as a set – complete with maps, photographs, and other historical documents – that brings together more than 30 years of brilliant writings about Churchill. This work goes far beyond facts and anecdotes and offers extraordinary insight into a thoughtful, complicated man.

Our custom jackets feature a photograph of Churchill taken in 1943 as he emerges from 10 Downing Street. The front and back covers of each volume reveal a side of the two-time prime minister generally unknown to the public – that of an artist, whose striking oil paintings hang in museums and galleries around the world.


  1. The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill – Visions of Glory (1874-1932)
  2. The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill – Alone (1932-1940)
  3. The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill – Defender of the Realm (1940-1965)

Product Information:

Dimensions: 9.5" H x 6" W x 6.5" D

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