An evening with César Ancelle-Hansen benefiting Lonely Whale


Cesar Ancelle-Hansen headshot

We are hoping you can all join us for our upcoming event featuring the work of César Ancelle-Hansen, internationally renowned photographer and Anyon Atelier favorite. For those who do not already know, Ancelle-Hansen has a longstanding fascination and love for the ocean. An avid surfer, his photography centers around the ocean's natural beauty and humanity's interactions with it. His work has transported the beauty of the Basque coast to our San Francisco location since 2013, and we are looking forward to revealing his new pieces at our gallery. Featuring nine new pieces and his new book (as well as his first book, Le Beau Livre de L'Été), this event is an exclusive chance to fully admire and appreciate César Ancelle-Hansen's artistic vision with the artist himself present for book signing.

A portion of proceeds from sales during this event will benefit Lonely Whale, an organization devoted to ocean protection. Focused on radical collaboration and action, Lonely Whale's programs serve to reduce plastic waste and educate people on the importance of eliminating single-use plastics. They have partnered with companies at the forefront of reducing plastic straw usage in an attempt to eliminate one of the most harmful plastic products. Through various campaigns such as Strawless Ocean and #StopSucking, Lonely Whale has launched a growing movement to promote environmentally healthy alternatives to plastic straws. Their Strawless in Seattle campaign led to Seattle totally banning straws in 2018, making them the first major U.S. city to do so.

via @lonelywhale. Top left photo: @fabriceguerin. Bottom left photo: @drift.woody. Right photo: @chelseamayerphotography

I was introduced to Lonely Whale through my good friend, Wes Sechrest. Founder of the Global Wildlife Conservation, Sechrest's foundation works for land and species conservation by partnering with a variety of other brands and organizations. One of their partners, Lonely Whale, seemed most fitting for our event because of their dedication to ocean health and conservation. Since both organizations create change through partnership, supporting one leads to a ripple effect across their partners.

Come see César Ancelle-Hansen's passion reflected in his new works and contribute to a vital cause on June 5th.

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