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From its home in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights, Anyon Interior Design’s knowledge, experience and curatorial spirit are complemented by a commitment to listen deeply to peoples’ needs and desires, and with precision and care, bring order, beauty, calm and comfort to a diverse array of residences and commercial spaces across the US. As a full-service firm, Anyon Interior Design offers interior design services, decorative solutions and fine art consulting to clients. In every space designed, in every interaction with clients, in every collaboration with designers, artists, architects and artisans, Anyon seeks to create enduring connections and nurture the beautiful, endless conversation of design.


Anyon Atelier’s ever-evolving, hand selected collection of art, furnishings and accessories, serves as a beautifully immersive space for designers, art collectors and discerning buyers. The Atelier’s gallery-style space on San Francisco’s iconic Sacramento Street showcases, celebrates, and shares the work of established and emerging artists, both locally and internationally. 



Lindsay Anyon Brier is known for her innate ability to create contemporary spaces that are informed by classic aesthetics. As a child of an antique shop owner and a real estate developer, Lindsay grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area enamored with art and design. She has spent over fifteen years thoughtfully addressing her client’s needs and desires, approaching each design project as a conversation — between past and present, people and place, shapes, light and space. 

It is Lindsay’s mission to stay open to the beauty inherent in her client’s stories and point of view, to sense where there is opportunity, to create solutions where there is challenge, and to bring a fresh, bold, modern perspective to everything the firm touches. Her knowledge and passion for design, along with her genuine zeal for art and architecture, allow her to create moving experiences that feel warm, inspiring and effortless. 

Lindsay is a graduate of Dartmouth College and a founding member of the Dartmouth Alumni Association for Architecture and Design. She is also a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).



The supporting senior and junior designers of Anyon Interior Design contribute years of formal training and practical experience to our projects, resulting in a comprehensive design process with the highest of standards. Critical to the team’s success is the collaborative work with renowned architects, contractors and subcontractors, craftsmen and trade professionals in the industry.  Under the leadership of Lindsay Anyon Brier, every project is a commitment to expert project management and is dedicated to design excellence.


Best Showcase Designer Room Design - ASID 2019 Design Awards


We are currently hiring for design, operations and sales positions. If you are interested, please send your resume to info@anyondesign.com