Anyon x Elyse Graham: The Blithe Collection

Past Exhibition - November 8, 2018 

Lindsay Anyon Brier is passionate about curating uncommon objects for the home in her gallery Anyon. Upon connecting with Elyse Graham's work, Lindsay was immediately drawn to the bold color combinations and intricate textures that evolved from Graham's unusual approach to materials such as resin and plaster. The Blithe Collection was born out of a conversation between Graham and Brier to explore Graham's resin vases in a color story inspired by the California landscape.

Artist Bio:
Elyse Graham was born and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from Brown University in 2003 earning a B.A. in Art: Semiotics. Founded in 2014, the Elyse Graham Studio is a place where unusual materials and experimental processes are implemented to create a melding of art and object. "We design by making--with a sense of curiosity, wonder and joy," says Graham. Every piece is created by hand in her Los Angeles studio. The work is driven by the processes Graham develops for the very specific materials she uses; most notably plaster and resin.

Elyse Graham event (photography courtesy of Daryl Nicole Scott)

Elyse Graham vases and event (photography courtesy of Daryl Nicole Scott)

All photographs courtesy of Daryl Nicole Scott


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