Lindsay Anyon Brier x Annie King

Almost a year ago, I had the opportunity to meet the artist Annie King.  Her colorful abstract expressionism drew me in and we started a special relationship.  A few commissions later, we are pleased and honored to offer her paintings in our Ateliers in Dallas and San Francisco.  Annie and I sat down last week to discuss her artist journey and what is inspiring her this new year.

Annie is both an artist and art therapist living outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her family.  She got into art therapy after making a connection with a special girl while she was teaching art post graduation from the University of Georgia.  Annie describes it as a “momentum of creative spirit” in which she felt there was an opportunity to teach the meditative and creative benefits of art to those needing special attention.  This opportunity to teach art, led her to further understand and respect the meditative and healing qualities it provides to everyone.

She brought this momentum with her six years ago when she took a deep dive into her solo practice.  It has been blossoming ever since.  Her process does not begin with any pre-sketches or plan, rather it is a totally focused meditative process and play.  Shapes and colors emerge in what she calls a “three-hour flow state” with music wafting through the studio just down the street from her home.  While her current work has a consistent aesthetic, she says she enjoys creative freedom and is not set on sticking to one style.

One of my favorite parts of our discussion was where she thinks her artistic journey will go next… Annie King wants to continue to grow, evolve, and reinvent herself without the pressure of change.  I suppose her life experiences will shape this evolution as it does all of us if we allow it.  Her spirituality is a source of trust, that her authentic nature will manifest abundance and opportunities.

We are so pleased to offer Annie King’s works at Anyon Atelier and share her 2024 mindset.  Looking forward to a year of artistic inspiration and abundance.


With love,


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