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Looking Back and Moving Forward: Recaps of Last Week's Event

Posted by Lindsay Anyon Brier on

Abstract Surfers photo by César above a resin console with white geometric objects


We were delighted to see so many of you join us at our event on Wednesday! Special thanks to Eric Brisson, Analytics and Impact Advisor of Lonely Whale, for attending and speaking to our crowd about the dangers of micro-plastics and the steps we can all take to reduce them.

Eric’s words reminded us to be more mindful of where our waste is likely to end up—the ocean. Lonely Whale is working to partner with big corporations and help them reduce their plastic waste. Meanwhile, as consumers, we can all try to use less plastic in our daily lives. Following one of Lonely Whale’s biggest campaigns, we can all #StopSucking and cut down on plastic straw waste. Reusable bags and bottles are also easy ways we can make a change.

Thank you to everyone who purchased books and art for contributing to a good cause! We'll keep you all updated on rescheduling the book signing, and until then, please be sure to come in and see all the new art. 



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