Meet The Maker: Kufri

I am ecstatic to highlight Mili Suleman and her line, Kufri Life. Steeped in the tradition of handwoven textiles yet with an entirely modern sensibility, Kufri’s collection resonates with me in so many ways. Natural materials are thoughtfully dyed and woven to create as Mili says “imperfectly perfect” pieces for home. Mili’s collections are designed to be layered and mixed and matched.

Join us below as we engage with her.

What originally inspired you to start your first collection?

I fell in love with handloom weaving the moment I saw it, rather heard it, because as you walk into the village you can hear the looms. I really wanted to share this beautiful craft because there weren't many textile lines that were woven, most were printed. But I knew it had to be differently presented and I love things that are imperfectly perfect, earthy even rustic, so that's what inspired me to start the line and first collection.


Where do you look to find inspiration, especially during these times when it is difficult to travel? And when do you feel the most inspired?

I love books, I have a massive library with books from all subjects. I reference my library very often for inspiration. I also get inspired by meeting new people... I'm a very 1-1 person and love connecting with interesting people, it's an exchange of energy. Of course travel helps too... New Mexico is my spirit place, it always leaves me inspired.

What feelings do you hope to evoke from people who see your work?

Our textiles have a lot of character and feel soulful... we are not afraid of slubs and small imperfections in the fabrics, that's what makes them beautiful and unique. Whether someone has a chair with our fabrics, a pillow or what have you, I hope they can feel that soul and character when they run their hand across the beautiful textures. It's all about slow living... slow down, pause, enjoy the moment. 

What are the most difficult/rewarding parts of your creation process?

Sometimes I have to get in the mood to feel inspired ha! I love the business side of things just as much so I have to shift myself into a different mindspace. 

I love the creative direction/photography part... I love thinking about how a collection needs to be presented, photographed etc. I guess that comes from the graphic designer in me.  

Do you have a favorite pattern/ color combo? Why?

Several, but my all-time favorites are Ira in Grey and Sur. Both are very handsome and so timeless. From our latest collection with Commune, I absolutely love Catalina Stripe. 

Anything you can share with us about your studio space that you particularly love?

It's 2000 sqft with 500 sqft in the front dedicated to a showroom of sorts. I love how it's a totally different experience and we are always changing something in the front for designers to come shop. The studio itself is all-in-one... we design, weave prototypes, inventory and ship from here. It's all about efficiency. 


In regards to your process, is there something you wish people knew more about? Or anything else you'd like to add?

I encourage everyone to MIX fabrics, patterns and textures! Don't be afraid. The more you do it, the more you'll get confident. Take a pattern, stripe and solid and go from there. Most of our fabrics have texture, so it will never look flat.


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