Meet the Maker: Louise Roe Copenhagen

For the last four years, we have been grateful for our partnership with the Danish designer Louise Roe. Like the latest couture capsule, I anxiously await her seasonal collections. Each object is personally sketched by Louise Roe and thrives on aesthetics and are executed in high-quality craftsmanship. Her bespoke pieces are simple in a way that speaks to Danish design but also express a worldly sophistication. By utilizing  carefully chosen organic materials and carefully curated tones, Louise brings out both sculptural and architectural values. Every piece has a story to tell and carries itself individually and collectively. I recently chatted with Louise for our latest chapter of our Meet the Maker series.

What originally inspired you to start your first collection?

I'm a believer of being able to do something better than has been seen before. I think there is a need for more quality minded interiors as too many compromises seems to be a bigger part of the design processes among other brands. WHY is always a questions to ask yourself when wanting to create something new.

Where do you look to find inspiration, especially during these times when it is difficult to travel? And when do you feel the most inspired?

I get a lot of inspiration from architecture and the organic materials we are surrounded by. A chosen material always reflects the time we are in. Right now, steel reflects a clean and crafted look. Steel is a reFlection of the virus situation we are in right now. The more trustworthy a material is, the more trust we have in buying it. Ceramics and glass are also trustworthy materials.

"I am in love with all tones of the earthen color palettes."

What feelings do you hope to evoke from people who see your work?

I hope they feel a WOW and feel a friendship with the selected object.

What are the most difficult/rewarding parts of your creation process?

Shapes and measures are often very sensitive to complete -very small measures can effect the total look in a direction - making it either totally wrong or totally perfect. Its like cooking - too much or too little spice or too little with simple raw products of high quality can make the dish / product perfect.

Do you have a piece you are most proud of or most connected to? Why?

I am very bonded to the Balloon 04 - in metal as in ceramic or gloss. The shape and form, for me, is where its all completed. But to chose one among your "children" is hard. I see all my objects as my family members and I would not produce them if they did not hove a right to be here.

In regards to your process, is there something you wish people knew more about?

I always strive not to create something already on the market - I sketch and create all objects by hand - I always end up choosing the best materials from my suppliers and I'm not really fond of compromising if money is the matter. I love cooking but never use a recipe - I feel there are too many rules when following one!



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