Meet the Maker: OWO Ceramica

Our point of view at Anyon Atelier seems to attract creators with an architecture background. 
Such is the case with Leticia Gagetti, the author behind Buenos Aires based OWO Ceramica. After a foray into the world of Architecture, Leticia decided to pursue her passion for handmade objects, launching OWO in 2018.

Perhaps this commonality is the product of our celebrated creators sharing in the philosophy that home and ritual are most important. When you place an impactful object like an OWO vessel in an interior, you really see it and can thoughtfully admire the shape and structure. Generally, we have always loved the nod to classic splatterware, however Leticia’s pieces — from vases to mugs and plates, feel fresh and updated. Every piece of hers is wheel-thrown and hand-painted, resulting in one-of-a-kind works of art.

In addition to our mutual appreciation for inner connection and honoring beauty, Leticia and I share a love of Mexican craft and color. Her collection was inspired in part, by her trips to Mexico as well as my own. When it came to developing an exclusive collection with Leticia, we drew inspiration from the landscape of California — the fields of mustard seeds with their intense yellows, sage greens from the hillsides and black as a subtle mod to modernity.

Join us below as we engage with the maker Leticia, to briefly highlight our work together.

Additionally, I invite you to explore our exclusive collection here. To learn more about our collaboration, read our recent feature in Business of Home.


We loved collaborating with you to create our custom Rock Collection pieces. What do you look for when considering a potential creative collaboration?

Thank you! Working together on this collab was a pleasure for me as well. As a general rule, I’m very open and receptive when someone approaches me with ideas. Most of the time those ideas are very interesting and embody the opportunity of pursuing new paths I wouldn’t necessarily follow based on my intuition. So there’s a novelty fee that’s exciting but the brand I partner with must also be receptive to my feedback as dialogue in terms of design it’s essential to any collaboration. 

Given that each piece is wheel-thrown and each splatter was hand painted, what are some of the complexities you might face with your artistic process? Are you drawn to one phase over another in your process? 

The artisanal process is sometimes very arbitrary, especially during the firing of the pieces. Even building them is complex, since a sudden movement can ruin the whole piece. In short, it requires a lot of expertise, tests, concentration and good luck to get it right. On top of this, not all the pieces we produce go for sale. I held high standards in terms of quality so I select only the ones that satisfy them. As a result, there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes but without any doubt the amount of work and love we put behind every piece it’s what makes them so unique and beautiful so it’s definitely worth it.

Do you have a favorite piece in the Rock Collection? How would you use or style it in your own environment? 

I actually do have a favorite and it’s Rock Breakfast Bowl. This piece is so versatile I end up using it every single day, on multiple occasions. It’s the perfectly sized piece for almost everything - like serving soups, fruits, dips, and I could go on forever. Basically, the possibilities are endless and since it’s a main player in my daily routine it has become essential and dear to me. 

Since the color palette for our collection is rather Autumnal, what are you looking forward to in the Autumn season, creatively or otherwise? 

This collection colors and their relation to the ongoing season is definitely something Anyon had brought to the table. Your team has a trained eye and expertise in terms of current trends that’s very valuable and I think that my contribution to this collab was more focused on adapting previous designs to those needs, as well as putting my chemistry knowledge to work in order to achieve the right colors. It is worth mentioning that I produce my own paints using raw materials and pigments so it’s truly a very artisanal labor.

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