Meet the Maker: Studio Formata

We adore this mother and daughter design duo. Their beautiful marbled patterns are created in their studio in Sweden. The trays are especially fun and versatile — perfect for the office or happy hour.



What originally inspired you to create your collection?


There is a long tradition in Sweden with the kind of trays that we are making and we always hoped that one day we would make our own trays with our own patterns. We have spent many vacations in Italy and have there seen beautiful marbled paper. And one day we got an idea...


Where do you look to find inspiration, especially during these times when it is difficult to travel? And when do you feel the most inspired?


We always get inspired by architecture, art, haute couture, handicrafts and antiques. Over the years we have built up quite a collection with inspiring books within these fields which is good during these times. Now we are happy to find both comfort and inspiration from these books. An idea can appear at any time and inspiration comes when you have an idea to explore. We find that our inspiration increases when we have scheduled time specifically for the design process and the creative parts of our business.



What feelings do you hope to evoke from people who see your work?

We hope people get inspired to use our products both in everyday life and at special occasions such as dinner parties. It is very fulfilling to see how customers style and create beautiful combinations and interesting settings with our products. 

What are the most difficult/rewarding parts of your creation process?

It is quite a tricky business to mix the pigments/colors so that they, during the actual marbling process, interact with each other the way that we want them to. Some pigments are very dominant and can completely take over. Since the pattern is constantly changing during the marbling process it’s essential to be very focused on when to pick up the pattern with the paper. It is very rewarding when you manage to reach the initial vision that you had in mind both in regards to color combinations and design of the pattern. However it’s equally rewarding when you “in the very moment” see new possibilities, go with the flow and create something unexpected. We want to stay playful!


Do you have a favorite pattern/ color combo? Why?

As one may notice, we do not create the most traditional marbling patterns. Instead, we enjoy to use this ancient handicraft technique in a more modern way. Our favorite patterns and color combinations vary depending on which mood we are in, the time of the day etc. It also varies according to the seasons and in which context we are going to use the tray. In our work we explore colors and how they interact. The favorite colors for the time being are the ones we are exploring.

Anything you can share with us about working together as a mother/ daughter team? 


We share the same passion and vision for our work and we really enjoy working together! At the same time we believe that being different generations adds a certain strength to our work since we contribute with different knowledge, experience and skills as well as perspectives.

Anything you can share with us about your studio space or living in Sweden that you particularly love?

Some years ago we moved from the Swedish capital Stockholm to Skåne which is a region in the very south of Sweden, across a bridge from Copenhagen. We’ve always had a great love for Skåne and moving here gave us the possibility to start Studio Formata, to set up our own studio.

In regards to your process, is there something you wish people knew more about? Or anything else you would like to add?

We are very happy and grateful for all feedback and appreciation that we have received from customers all around the world. We love the fact that we are able to communicate with so many people through our work!




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