Meet the Maker: Walter G.


Walter G is a boutique textile company located in Sydney, Australia. Founders Lauren Emerson and Genevieve Hewson bring fun and artistic patterns to life in the form of pillows, table linens, and fabrics. Their inspiration stems from both old textiles and new surroundings. Their passion for textile design comes from India, where they lived for 6 months while studying the art and process of traditional printmaking. As two best friends with a vision to create a timeless brand, Walter G was born in 2012.


Inspired by the deep culture and craftsmanship of printmaking in India, Walter G. brings designs overseas to the Indian state of Rajasthan. In the town of Sanganer, local artisans translate Walter G’s designs onto fabric using hand carved wooden blocks and ink. Hand carved wood block printing takes an immense amount of precision and skill. Each design is ultimately created by the artisan. The hand carving technique gives an organic and perfectly imperfect style to the patterns. It adds a layer of complexity to the textiles that cannot be replicated.

However, this technique is dying in Sanganer. It is a fragile trade mainly passed down within families from older generations to younger generations. Having lived in this region and with the artisans for six months, Lauren and Geneveive grew to understand the sacred culture of this printmaking process. They inquired to form a partnership with these artisans. What makes their dynamic with the artisans unique is that Lauren and Geneveive let the artisans set the pricing. By properly and fairly compensating the skilled artisans, Walter G contributes to the preservation of traditional Sanganer printmaking. 


 Walter G’s fresh and tasteful design style mixed with the traditional trade of Indian block printing make these patterns one of a kind. Through collaboration, creativity, and craftsmanship, Walter G elevates what it means to be an outstanding textile company.



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