The Final Week of SF Decorator Showcase, Artist-in-Residence Retreat

It has been a crazy May!

Between Legends in LA, DesignWeekxNYC and, of course, San Francisco Decorator Showcase, we are ready for a siesta. Having a room at Showcase allowed us the opportunity to see so many familiar faces and to meet new friends. While it has been a lot of work for all of us at Anyon, we are sad to see it coming to an end. Memorial Day will be here before we know it and we wanted to take a moment to talk more about how the design came together, particularly for those of you that were not able to visit in person.

Paris Photography - Versailles, Door at Le Petit Trianon, France Travel Photography, French Home Decor, Large Wall Art by Georgianna Lane

Versailles, Door at Le Petit Trianon by Georgianna Lane

While our muse, Marella Agnelli, sparked our inspiration for our room, I was also struck by this image of the Petit Trianon at the Palace of Versailles. Despite the massive amounts of marble, the space feels inviting--the warmth of the limestone provides remarkable counterbalance to the cooler stone tiles on the floor. We were especially drawn to the herby, sea foam green paint on the pair of French doors. 

Charles Zana Paris apartment totem

Charles Zana's Parisian apartment by Henry Bourne

This paint color showed up again in Charles Zana's Parisian apartment, which also featured an obsession of mine--Ettore Sottsass's totem-like art. I loved how the bright pinks and yellows played against the wall color and knew I wanted to evoke a similar impression in our showcase room.

Now, with our palette emerging from these inspirations, we started playing around with the floor plan and began to source pieces that would fully express our design intent.

Artist-in-Residence Retreat at SF Decorator Showcase by Anyon Interior Design fabrics

The Showcase Design Advisory Committee granted us enough flexibility to imagine the space with a daybed, reminiscent of a lounge. We aimed to create an elegant but slightly relaxed room that could function as guest quarters for visiting artists. We designed the modern daybed that sits near the windows of our room, gently bouncing rays of light into the surrounding area.

We fully embraced the eight-foot by six-inch ceiling--we had no choice! We wanted to draw the eye up in a way that would make the low ceiling feel airier. We turned to Paige Cleveland at Rule of Three Studio to collaborate on our custom wallpaper, a serpentine pattern installed on the bias.

Artist-in-Residence Retreat at SF Decorator Showcase by Anyon Interior Design

Artist-in-Residence Retreat photography by John Merkl

The furnishings in the modest sized room were all carefully considered. The vintage Utrecht chair, originally designed in 1935, was reupholstered in a grassy olive and it anchors the center of our room. The Slash Objects Coexist coffee table, along with its corresponding mirror, adds geometric vibrancy with marble and brass accents. The mirror, nestled in a corner, reflects Michael Gaillard's Industrial Park and creates a layer of depth.

Artist-in-Residence Retreat at SF Decorator Showcase by Anyon Interior Design

Artist-in-Residence Retreat photography by John Merkl

Across the room, a sleek console table by Martha Sturdy is appointed as a desk. Somehow Sturdy's white marble resin has a cloud-like softness to its hard surface. The desk is accessorized with Amy Meier's Forme Objects, which converse with the geometry of the Coexist coffee table.

We were so fortunate to work with such incredible artists whose talents are the real centerpiece of the room:

Andy Freeberg Elyse Graham
Landon Nordeman Martha Sturdy Pierce Meehan Slash Objects
Elisabeth Sunday
Jason Koharik
Lisa Russell Michael Gaillard
Simon Breitbard Fine Arts Gallery
Rule of Three Studio

Artist-in-Residence Retreat photography by John Merkl

We also owe a round of gratitude to our vendors:

Alex Marshall C2 Paint
Hartmann & Forbes
Jill Stevens
Larkspur Builders
Remains Lighting
Amy Meier
De Sousa Hughes / JAB
Holland & Sherry
J & M Carpets
Leong Interiors
Anyon Atelier
Forbes & Lomax
Jason Koharik
Kneedler Fauchere / Gregorious Pineo
Lundy's Company
Stark Carpets
B. Serota
Hardesty Dwyer
JFM Kristin Dunlap
Made Goods
Terra Ferma Landscape


SF Decorator Showcase runs through Memorial Day. It is worth a trip, we promise!

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