Lindsay Anyon Brier Talks Atelier Curation

My namesake firm, Anyon Interior Design, was founded in 2006. The idea to marry part art gallery with interior decor brought Anyon Atelier to fruition by 2010. On a trip to Dallas, I sat down with Atelier Director, Kelly Russell to talk about all things curation process and branding across two markets.

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Anyon began as a design firm in San Francisco, where I sought out elevated sources that resonated with both design enthusiasts and fellow designers alike. I was determined to find spaces that would truly inspire and nurture creativity. That pivotal start was the catalyst for a remarkable journey of growth and exploration. The Atelier was born from focusing on these same goals. Anyon is constantly pushing the boundaries of curation. The brand has come a long way since those early years.

The Atelier’s evolution has been remarkable over the last decade, largely attributed to the dedicated involvement in curating product offerings and guiding substantial growth. Kelly Russell’s expertise and commitment as the Atelier Director, have really influenced the curation of product lines, ensuring the alignment with our brand's vision and that it resonates with our expanding customer base.  


Thanks, Lindsay. I feel like it's a wonderfully organic process for us—a true collaborative effort with you. While we do carry larger lines, our primary focus revolves around offering unique and extraordinary products. It's all about presenting products in a manner that lets people with diverse tastes find their own beauty and meaning within them.


Yes, and I think it is a beautiful testament to the power of our collaboration and diversity of perspectives. Kelly, you have played a huge role in this synergy. We come from different backgrounds - you from Texas and parts of the South, and me from California with some time on the East Coast for college. Our backgrounds bring us a unique lens through which we view the world. It presents itself in the pieces we curate for the Atelier. Ultimately, we want our clients to feel a connection to a piece of art, object, or furniture they find in the Atelier. The connection between client and product is enhanced when we can tell its story - the artist’s homeland or inspiration, the artisan’s process with materials and so on…


This is an amazing part of the job for me. It’s very important to share their stories. Lindsay, we’re lucky to have worked with amazing people and talented artists. It’s one of my favorite parts of the curation process. The relationships become very symbiotic and personal-so supportive in both directions. The stories have become ingrained in us after all these years and take on new meaning. The first step, in curation, however, usually involves extensive research, delving into both the industry and market trends to uncover hidden gems. When I come across something that captivates my attention and resonates with Anyon's aesthetic, I take a deep dive into exploring the artist and their work. I want to ensure that each piece we showcase aligns with our vision and brings something exceptional to the Atelier. It's a meticulous and thoughtful process that allows us to curate a collection that truly speaks to the soul of our brand.


Yes, and through all our time together, Kelly, we've honed in on the Anyon aesthetic we both deeply appreciate and cherish. This is even truer now as we have grown to a second market in Dallas.

When you moved home to Texas, you planted a seed for me to open a second Atelier.  It has always been a goal of mine to expand to new markets.

Thank you, Lindsay. It has been wonderful to see it come to fruition! The enthusiasm in Dallas is electrifying; it's a thriving and lively city undergoing significant growth. The pace of development and expansion is remarkable, making it a positive and exciting place to be. The city's growth is further heightened by its rich diversity and vibrant culture, which adds a unique dimension to the design-conscious and design-oriented environment. Dallas truly embodies the spirit of progress and creativity, making it an exhilarating hub for anyone involved in the design scene. You know what they say - everything is bigger (and better) in Texas!


Right now we’re focusing on the joy of the moment in Dallas, as we just opened this Atelier in the vibrant Knox Henderson neighborhood Dallas. The space is beautiful and you can really feel the heart and soul of Dallas. Plus - it’s a more sizable space - so we get to showcase some of our bigger pieces of furniture which is exciting! San Francisco is also still a thriving design market (despite what one might read in the media). Although the two Ateliers maintain the overall Anyon brand aesthetic, they showcase their uniqueness through local charm. It was really important to secure a distinctive space in Dallas, and this dedication has brought about an architectural charm that resonates with the brand's identity. The love for a courtyard ambiance, abundant space, and expansive art walls remains a shared aspect that adds a touch of allure to both Ateliers.


It’s an environment where the energy is inviting, making clients feel as if they've just stepped into a space where they can truly live and breathe. There is an ambiance that encourages them to sit down, engage, and share a conversation, fostering a sense of comfort and belonging. When someone steps into the Atelier for the first time, I want to evoke a sense of interest and admiration for everything they see, igniting a need to keep exploring.


Kelly, you and I have also made concerted efforts to connect with local designers in Dallas and surrounding areas, establishing relationships. While we work with clients across the country from our San Francisco Atelier, we are now so excited to have boots on the ground in this second market to deepen these relationships.


Absolutely, Lindsay. The Dallas design scene offers endless opportunities for growth and creativity. Connecting with a multitude of designers and establishing valuable relationships has proven to be incredibly rewarding. We've also been passionate about connecting with and contributing to the community at large. We've actively sought collaborations and events with various charities and organizations, recognizing the importance of giving back and making a positive impact.


Kelly and I remain excited about the future of Anyon Atelier.  Stay tuned for more information about local events planned in the coming weeks.

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